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Tasting | Wine Bar San Carlos, CA


Mini Beignet Chocolate Trio    $8
It comes in an trio assortment of dark chocolate, creamy chocolate hazelnut, and white chocolate. Made with all natural ingredients. Imported from France

Frutta Di Bosco Berry Tart    $10
Deliciously sweet tart with Chantilly cream, topped with an assortment of berries: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, red currants and strawberries.

Souffle Al Cioccolato Cake    $13
Served with vanilla gelato and homemade dark chocolate sauce

Ricoota Pistachio Cake    $10
Ricotta and pistachio creams separated by sponge cake

Espresso Drinks

Single Espresso    $4

Double Espresso    $4

Cappuccino    $4

Café latte    $4.5

Americano    $4

Ports, Sherry & More


Dow’s 10 yr old Tawny Port    $12

Dow’s 20 yr old Tawny Port    $15

Dow’s 30 yr old Tawny Port    $20

Graham’s Ruby Port    $10

Pocas White Port    $8

Pocas Vintage 2009    $13

Pocas 10 yr old    $12

Blandy’s 10 Bual Madeira    $10

Querciantica Visciole.    $12
Sweet red wine produced exclusively in the Marche

2015 La Playa ‘Late Harvest’    $10

2015 Inniskillin ‘Vidal’ Ice Wine    $20
Vidal is a hybrid (Ugni Blanc and Seibel)

Far Niente’s Dolce Wine    $25
butterscotch and citrus fruit aromas enriched w/ toasted caramel crème brûlée and vanilla.


Sinful Flights

Pocas White port, Dow’s 10, Visciole.   $16

Inniskillin ‘vidal’, graham ruby, Dow’s 30.    $25